Mindyra Partners With HeyPeers to Offer Support Groups, Certified Coaches to Employees Struggling With Mental Health

Digital health company offering peer-to-peer support as part of mental health resources toolkit

DARIEN, CT (October 1, 2021)Digital behavioral health company Mindyra Health Corporation today announced a partnership with online peer-to-peer support…

Affirmations are statements with the goal of positively impacting the conscious and subconscious mind. The goal of affirmations is to impacting our habits, thinking, and behavior.

Affirmations should be repeated daily, even multiple times a day to help reprogram your thinking around specific goals.

  1. I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.
  2. My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite.
  3. Though these times are difficult, they are only a short phase of life.
  4. I am conquering my illness; I am defeating it steadily each day.
  5. My life is just beginning.
  6. I am healthy and happy.
  7. I give myself the care and attention that I deserve.
  8. I trust that I am on the right path.
  9. My mind is full of creative ideas.
  10. I am at peace with who I am as a person.

Chronic pain is when someone finds themselves feeling constant or chronic pain in either their body or mind/thoughts. Chronic illness can cause depression, chronic fatigue, and even further chronic pain for the individual. If you are caring for someone with a chronic illness it’s important to take care of yourself…

Whether you are stressed out, sick, or just plain exhausted, self-care is something that is often overlooked. It’s self-care time, which basically means taking the time to do things that makes you feel better.

Some people may wonder what self-care entails and it can be different depending on the person…

To get started with journaling about mental health, you can write down your feelings over the day. This may help you identify situations where you felt anxious, sad, or stressed. If these negative situations are brought out into the open, it will be easier for you to deal with them…


We make peer support better. Find and connect with peers, coaches, and support groups from any device. Voice, video, or chat. No ads. No data sharing.

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