A personal message on investing in the next chapter for HeyPeers from our CEO and Co-founder, Vince Caimano, PhD

“There was a time in my life when I was in need of a support group. The one I wanted to attend was about 35 miles away from my home in Southern California. It would have taken about two hours to get to that meeting on a weeknight. So I decided to start a group locally and it drew a lot of participants. That was the beginning of a life-changing experience for me, and with the help of many organizations and individuals, we now have been able to impact the lives of countless others.

Through our two websites, Support Groups Central and HeyPeers, we now host over 1,300 peer support meetings each month, reaching individuals in over 55 countries. Our groups offer help to people dealing with Mental Health, Addiction, Chronic Illness and Rare Disease issues. Our Peer Supporters receive excellent feedback, and we are connecting more and more people every month.

Up to this point, we have “bootstrapped” the development of our company. That means that the leaders of Peer Support Solutions, their families and friends have personally funded the creation of all our services. We now envision reaching a much larger number of individuals. To do that we need the help of many others — perhaps you!

We have created a crowdsourced capital campaign on Start Engine. Start Engine is the largest service of this type, and they are backed by thousands of their own investors including Kevin O’Leary from the Shark Tank show. We hope that you will visit our campaign on Start Engine and consider investing with us. Every dollar you invest will help us provide more peer support services to more people. Please go here now to learn more.”

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