The Power Of Self-Compassion

When we are depressed we are often our own worst enemies. We tend to criticize ourselves for having created our problems, we tell ourselves that we aren’t capable of getting unstuck and soon we feel hopeless.

This state of affairs is very common because our brains don’t work as well when we are depressed. Our depressed minds have a tendency to focus on problems, negative feelings and physical aches and pains. We develop patterns of thinking that reinforce our issues. In our fight to break free of the thoughts and feelings that ensnare us we often engage in endless ruminating and dig ourselves in even deeper. Our resulting psychological exhaustion shuts us down both mentally and physically.

We want to encourage you to look at how you can alleviate many of these issues by being kind to yourself. The Burns Daily Mood Log is a simple process for examining your thought patterns and how to view them differently. In some cases this relatively quick technique can make a large and lasting change in your outlook so you can feel good and get going again. It’s a tool that we all should have in our depression-fighting arsenal.

Here are more opportunities to learn self-compassion: 5 Strategies for Self-Compassion, Loving Kindness with Self Compassion, and Cultivating Self-Compassion.

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