Tips For Going Back To The Office

For those working remotely during the past year and a half due to COVID, it is time to return to the office for many. Here are some tips that can help you mentally prepare for going back to work.

-Work out what works best for you mentally health-wise with regard to your job. This may include asking for one or two days of remote work a week. Ask for what you need!

-Find ways to make your mental self-care count — for example, using mental health strategies while at work. Then, take note of what works best for you and continue this when going back to office work.

-Make sure any mental health conditions are being addressed with medication, therapy, or a combination of both. If you already have a mental health condition, revalidate that it is well managed — if not, see a mental health professional about how to manage this effectively in the workplace.

-Prepare yourself psychologically by keeping positive about going back to work — consider it an opportunity to see and connect with colleagues instead of something to dread.

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