Why You Need a Self-Care Calendar in Your Life

Creating a self-care calendar can help give you a better sense of how much time you spend on various things each month. It can also help to frame the priorities of your life. For example, if you spend more on groceries than laundry, you need to figure out how to cut back on the laundry. Of course, creating a self-care calendar is no easy task. Below we’ve listed three tips for creating a self-care calendar.

Time Block Your Schedule

As a working parent, professional, or student, one of the best ways to balance your professional and personal life is to take some time for yourself. Rushing from one activity to another to meeting deadlines is overwhelming; no wonder we get burnt out! Block out time in your schedule for work, time with friends, date nights with your significant other, and alone time. Sticking to time blocking your schedule will help keep you balanced mentally.

Learn To Prioritize What is Important

It is hard to prioritize when you want to do everything and get all your tasks done. The reality is, life happens — a deadline is pushed up, or your child gets sick, and you have to shift our schedule around; that is okay! As long as you are sticking to a regular self-care routine and prioritizing yourself and your most important tasks, that is all one can ask for!

Add Fun!

One thing we adults tend to leave out of our schedules is fun. Do you love snowmobiling, making clay pots, or going to sporting events? Whatever lights you up and you have fun doing, add more of it to your self-care schedule.

What would you add to your self-care calendar?

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